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Great Engagement at the TTA Membership Meeting

This year’s TTA Membership Meeting brought together long-standing and new TTA members to celebrate the start of the trail riding season and to hear the latest news from the TTA Board members.

The meeting commenced by expressing gratitude to departing board members Louise Sargent and Joy Custer. Fortunately, they won’t be leaving the TTA all together as they both will still stay active in supporting the TTA and of course will continue to ride our beautiful trails!

We welcomed our new board member, Maja Bown, who joins us as the Secretary.


The members of the 2024 TTA Board are:

  • President – Jeannie Shuster

  • Vice-president – Gia-Raquel Esposito

  • Secretary – Maja Bown

  • Treasurer – Roxanne Soroko

  • Trail Committee – Emmer Bernard, Hester De Voogd

  • Hospitality Committee- Jess Bown

  • Landowner relations – MaryAnn Gerrity, Kathi Deck


Learn more about our Board members on the TTA Website in the “About” section.

Getting out on the trails

After looking back at a successful 2023, the respective TTA board members presented our 2024 activities. Our main goal this year is to get even more riding members out on the trails!


We will continue to share trail updates the website. Click here to see the available trail maps, TTA member-only access). This information will include tips on where to park, information on length and type of trails (like e.g., rocky or with water or bridge crossings), and the best places to access the different trails.

Note - this information is for TTA Members only and the you have become a website member as well.

Tewksbury Horse Community

Tewksbury Township has rightfully earned the label “equestrian township”. In addition to the TTA, there are many other horseback riding organizations active. We all work closely together to create the best environment for all kind of riders and their horses, both from Tewksbury and from neighboring towns.


At this year’s meeting, we were happy to welcome the Essex Fox Hounds to speak at our meeting. Lynn Jones and Ruth Beesch gave an update on the Essex Fox Hounds organization and invited all TTA members to join their Social Roading at the start of the season The purpose of social roading is to get the hounds and the horses acquainted again.


For the dates of Roading and other Essex Fox Hounds events, have a look at their events calendar and Instagram


Many activities to come in 2024!


Mark your calendar for several upcoming activities:

  • June 8: Barn Tour, organized by the TTA and Tewksbury Historical Society (THS)

  • September 15: TTA Trail Pace from Christie Hoffman Farm Park


We will also be organizing guided trail rides throughout the season.

Sign up to our TTA Website keep updated on all our activities. Click here to to become a site member.

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