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Sergeant Reckless, an Equine Veteran

Episode 2 of the TTA Website Series Highlighting Famous Horses

In honor of Veteran's Day, a tribute to an equine veteran, Sgt. Reckless.

Sergeant Reckless was a small Mongolian mare who held official rank in the United States military. She was estimated to be three or four years old when purchased by the United States Marine Corps for $250 in October 1952. She was trained to be a pack horse and used to carry ammunition and supplies for the Recoilless Rifle Platoon of the 5th Marine Regiment.

But it wasn’t long before Sergeant Reckless proved herself to be much more than just a pack animal. She quickly learned to navigate the treacherous terrain of the Korean War, carrying supplies and evacuating wounded soldiers to safety without hesitation. She often travelled to deliver supplies on her own, without a handler. In fact, she became so vital to the unit that they renamed themselves the “Reckless Rifle Platoon.”

On one particularly harrowing day, Sergeant Reckless made 51 trips to the front lines, carrying over 9,000 pounds of supplies and ammunition. She was hit by shrapnel twice, but she refused to stop working. She even made the trip up and down the steep and rocky hills with a wounded soldier on her back.

Sergeant Reckless was also known for her incredible ability to sense danger. On several occasions, she would refuse to move forward when she sensed an incoming enemy attack. Her instincts saved countless lives.

Read the full story, written by Katy Smith on the website if Horse Journals: click here.

And watch the video on the FaceBook page of Equus Magazine: click here.

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