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Tewksbury Trail Riders Excel at the ESDCTA Championships

Tewksbury trail riders are clearly all-round equestrians! That became very clear at the Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association (ESDCTA) Championships that took place at the USET on Saturday September 23.

It was a particular special day for our own TTA Board member Mary Anne Gerrity and her 20-year-old Hanoverian, Fuerst in Line (known as Welly to friends). They had a successful ride in the Intro C/Training Level I Championship.

TTA members Kathleen Young and Susan Kozlowski formed a Trail Pace duo last week at the TTA Trail Pace, wining a 5th place ribbon in the 90+ Trail Pace division. This weekend at the ESDCTA, Kathleen and her thoroughbred-cross mount, Mardi Gras, finished as reserve champions in the Division Two/First Level Championship. And Susan won as well, judging from her ribbon in the picture.

Read Nancy Jaffer’s full article about the ESDCTA Championships on her website:

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25 sept 2023

Congratulations Mary Anne!

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