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How to safely cross a road on horseback

To safely cross a public road on horseback requires confidence, awareness and a well-trained, responsive mount. Follow these techniques to minimize your risks:

Plan your route. If you have leeway to choose your crossing point, select an area with good visibility for at least an eighth of a mile in both directions. Avoid getting too close to curves in the road; a driver rounding the bend might not see you in time to react appropriately. Older, rougher or more gravelly stretches of road will give you more traction than smooth, new asphalt, especially on hills. If you have to walk parallel to the road to reach a safer crossing point, stick to the shoulder and watch for low-hanging branches.

Stop, look, listen. Before stepping into the road, stop your horse, look in both directions, and listen for the sound of approaching vehicles.

H. Mark Meijer

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Hester de Voogd

How often do you kiss you horse on the nose?

I can think of many reasons why it's great to kiss your horse on the nose. But one I didn't think about immediately is because it's a great health check!

Give your horse a kiss on the nose and you may catch a whiff of sweet grain, fresh hay and perhaps the peppermint candy you just gave him. But if the smell of your horse’s breath causes you to recoil, something in his mouth, sinus passages or respiratory system may be amiss.

Bad breath—usually a sickly sweet odor not unlike trash left in the sun—can signal an abscessed tooth, a tumor or an advanced lung infection, such as pneumonia. The odor comes from bacterial overgrowth in decomposing tissues. Foul breath can also signal that a horse has not eaten in an extended period of time: Saliva helps to flush organisms…

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Aug 16, 2023


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