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Looking for a riding partner for a Hunter Pace or just to hack around?  

Complete the form below and we'll be happy to connect you.  

Scroll down to see Riding Partner Posts and reach out to someone already on our list.

I'm sure they would love to hear from you!

POST DATE:    8/12/22

Looking For:   Looking for intermediate rider to ride my husbands horse. I can also show Covered Bridge Trail that was recently cleared.

Name: Joy Custer  

Contact: 9734876945

Riding Style: Intermediate

Location:Tewksbury - I am on TTA Board- trail comittee


POST DATE:    8/1/2018

Looking For: Ride share from Annandale/Clinton - I'm looking for someone from Annandale/Clinton area to ride share to the Fun Ride and other events.

Name: Maryellen Defort 

Contact:; 908-310-1069

Riding Style: Intermediate

Notes: I have a 15.3 TB mare and she trailers well.

POST DATE:    8/2/2018

Looking For: Would love to meet others for trail riding!

Name: Jan Weber 

Contact:; 908-642-6801

Riding Style: Walk/Trot on quiet horse

Notes: I can meet you for trail riding

POST DATE:    8/2/2018

Looking For: Riding Partner for Fun and Events! - I'm looking for a riding partner for fun as well as events such as hunter paces and judged trail rides.

Name: Patricia Wecht 

Contact:; 973-714-7093

Riding Style: Intermediate rider with a 14.3 Morgan gelding who is fine with other horses on trail.

Notes: My horse is boarded in Flanders and I currently ride in New Vernon/Green Village and Tewksbury but I don't know the trails well.  I like to ride on the beach and am pretty open to riding anywhere in Northern NJ.  I can meet you wherever.

POST DATE:    8/3/2018

Looking For: Riding Partner for Fun! - I'm looking for a riding partner to go out and have fun.

Name: Martha Anastasiou 

Contact:; 845-721-2997

Riding Style: Intermediate rider with gaited horses

Notes: I can meet you.

POST DATE:    8/3/2018

Looking For: Riding Partner for Weekend Rides! - I'm looking for a riding partner for weekend trail rides.

Name: Karen Balaz 

Contact:; 908-507-3006

Riding Style: Intermediate rider with a Clydesdale who is very good with other horses.

Notes: I ride a Clydesdale with large feet so groomed trails are best for him.  We rode the Tewksbury Trail Pace last year and he did great!  He is very good with other horses! I can meet you on weekends.

POST DATE:    8/5/2018

Looking For: Looking to Learn the Trails! - I'm a new member looking to learn the trails

Name: Wendie Johnson 

Contact:; 732-259-9822

Riding Style: Experienced elder; great rider but not a cowgirl anymore :-)

Notes: I'm an experienced rider and a new member looking to learn the trails.  I can meet you.

POST DATE:    8/24/2018

Looking For: Looking for a riding partner - Mostly for fun, paces, and easy trail rides

Name: Kellee Wesley 

Contact:; 609-784-6425

Riding Style: Intermediate

Notes: I can meet you anytime!

POST DATE:    9/4/2018

Looking For: Looking for a trailering and riding partner for the Fun Ride and More! 

Name: Jenny Ranford 


Riding Style: Intermediate

Location: My horse is located in West Milford

Notes: I have a Welsh/QH 14.3 hands gelding who is very well behaved. And we both LOVE trail rides!

POST DATE:    9/10/2018

Looking For: Looking for a riding partner for the Fun Ride and future weekends! 

Name: Aleksandra Fortunato


Riding Style: Intermediate/Advanced

Location: We're located in Tewksbury and I can meet you.

Notes: My mount is a brace warmblood mare who is well-mannered!

POST DATE:    9/13/2018

Looking For: Looking for a riding partner for the Fun Ride on Sunday at Christie Hoffman Park! 

Name: Ronnie Sullivan

Contact: or call/text me at: 732-890-1391.

Riding Style: Intermediate

Location: I can meet you at Christie Hoffman Park in the morning.

Notes: I have a great quarter horse that gets along with other horses and is great on trail.  We like a moderate pace -mostly trot with some canter up hills.  We rode last year's Pace and LOVED IT!

POST DATE:    9/15/2018

Looking For: Looking for someone to ride with on weekends and hunter paces! 

Name: Rebecca Bishop

Contact: hirsespyder@yahoo.com317-407-8634

Riding Style: Intermediate/Advanced

Location: I'm in Flemington/Clinton/Ringoes but can meet you. 

Notes: I can ride after work as daylight permits.  My gelding has lots of trail experience and is very quite and sensible.  We like to trot with some canter/gallop.  I'm new to NJ so would love to learn more trails.

POST DATE:    10/15/2018

Looking For: Looking for someone who has an extra trail horse for me to ride along with them.  Looking into 1/-lease options as I become more proficient. Willing to discuss payment for rides as appropriate.

Name: Kristen Perry

Contact: kperry@kperrylaw.com908-507-9482

Riding Style: Soft rider who can walk, trot, canter, and jump cross rails

Location: I'm in Califon and can meet you. 

Notes: I'm returning to riding after a long hiatus.

POST DATE:    3/7/2019

Looking For: I'm looking for a trail partner who is knowledgeable on the trails and a decent rider. I'm 55 and have been riding about 10 years. I have ridden many trails, used to get out about 3 days a week in California, usually ride 8-10 miles each ride. I have also ridden many horses, done a cattle drive in Reno, where we drove 300 head of cattle for 5 days 60 miles and straight into the rodeo facilities, also took a private 5 day excursion in Monument Valley Utah where we were camped out on a reservation hosted by a Native American family who took us all over that beautiful valley on their horses. I have two horses of my own, a 15.1, 23 YO QH mare who is recovering from an SDFT tear to her front right leg and I'm just hoping she'll be rideable in 6 months. I also have a little guy, a 14.2, 19 YO QH gelding, who is not the most secure horse on the trail but will follow a leader very well. He's a retired cutting, team penning, and barrel racer. He's a good boy and needs to get out. 

Name: Kim Spratto

Contact: kvspratto@yahoo.com925-984-9514

Riding Style: Intermediate; Western.  We can walk, trot or lope, my horse isn't a competitive horse on the trail and will lope right along side another horse.

Location: I'm in Lebanon and have a trailer and can meet you. 

Notes: I would love it too if anyone would like to come and ride at my place. I have an outdoor riding ring at my home and lots of pasture to ride around in (and open space just off the property).

POST DATE:    4/17/2019

Looking For: I'm looking for fun-loving trail riders to hit the trails with me. I ride mainly on Pittstown Trail Association and Alexandria Equestrian Association trails and am happy to show others around; or meet you out on other trails. We Love technical trails. I prefer relaxing rides - W/T is fine, with a controlled canter. Also happy to go out on mosey walk rides. My mare and I have retired from Endurance Racing - she can get rather forward in fast groups and right now I prefer to avoid that.

Name: Sandy Howland

Contact: sandy.howls@gmail.com908-303-7955

Riding Style: intermediate

Location: I'm in Pittstown and I can meet you.

Notes: My mare and I have retired from Endurance Racing - she can get rather forward in fast groups and right now I prefer to avoid that.

POST DATE:    6/20/2019

Looking For:  I'm looking for someone who has an experienced trail horse. It would be great if you knew the trails in Tewksbury. I have a 11-year-old American Warm Blood gelding, who is ok off-poperty, but could be better and less spooky if he [and I] had more trail experience. I'd like to try him at a Hunter Pace at some point, but we've got a ways to go. We are off-property several times a year, mostly at schooling shows. I've been riding most of my life; dressage is something new- [only in the past 12 years.]

Name: Deborah Penner Smith

Contact: deborahpenner718@gmail.com973-885-2075

Riding Style: Dressage rider; beginner-intermediate.

Location: I'm in Branchburg and can meet you; I have a truck and horse trailer

Notes: I am semi-retired with a flexible schedule 

POST DATE:    7/20/2019

Looking For:  I'm looking for a person to ride my husband's horse on trails.  I am available 7 days a week but would love to find someone who is available during the week.  I can accommodate a beginner rider as Gent is very reliable and I can teach a rider on him until we all feel confident to go out.  He is good for beginners but would NOT be boring for a more advanced rider.  Male or female invited.

Name: Joy Custer

Contact: jjoyoflife@aol.com973-487-6945

Riding Style: intermediate-advanced.

Location: Oldwick 

Notes: I trailer out or ride from home.  

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