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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Christie Hoffman Farm Park 




  • The ride is a marked trail of approximately 6 miles.

  • There is no optimum time - enjoy the ride!

  • Groups of up to 3 riders will begin the ride at approximate 10 minute  intervals

  • Single riders are allowed.

  • All registrations must be completed on-line by Thurs 9/17 (see below).

  • Ride times are between 8:00 and noon (sign up for your preferred time      block below).

  • All riders must be TTA members

  • We will email you with your exact ride time. We will do our best to have your ride start within the 30 minute time block you register for.

  • Current Coggins must be emailed to ""by Thurs. September 17. Please include your name and ride time in the subject line of the email.


Rules for the Pleasure Ride (please read)

  • Due to COVID, all Walk-ins on the day of the ride will be turned away

  • Maintain physical distancing per COVID protocols

  • Wear a mask, except when mounted or at least 6 feet apart

  • Restrooms at Christie Hoffman Park are closed. No porta-johns will be available.

  • No tailgating

  • Arrive no more than 30 minutes before your start time.

  • Plan to leave within 30 minutes after you return.

  • Certified ASTM/SEI Helmet must be worn

  • No last minute rider substitutions

  • Bring water for your horse and yourself.

This Pleasure Ride is a great opportunity for TTA members to explore TTA trails. 

Not a member yet?  NO PROBLEM. 

If you are not a TTA member, this is a great time to join!  The Membership fee offsets the cost of the Pleasure Ride because the Pleasure Ride IS FREE TO MEMBERS.  Just CLICK HERE to join the TTA and ride with us .

 Please complete the form below to pre-register 

If riding with others, please encourage them to pre-register here as soon as possible so that we can confirm your ride times together

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