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Membership Information

Runs for 1 (one) year from the time you register

Membership is open to all equestrians, horselovers,and supporters of equine activities, and green space/open land in Tewksbury and beyond.

As a TTA member, you will receive information on equestrian and trail maintenance events through direct e-mail. Information is also listed on our Facebook Page. Additional membership benefits include:

✤ Group rides to enjoy & learn local trails

✤ Discounted rates for our Annual TTA Pace

✤ Invitation to our Annual Membership Meeting with guest speakers

✤ Invitation to our Holiday Party

✤ Invitation to additional events that will enhance your equestrian experience

Your Annual Membership Dues go toward:

✤ Maintaining and clearing trails

✤ Developing new or alternate trails

✤ Purchasing insurance


Rules of Conduct (please read)

Rules of Conduct ensure that TTA Members do not abuse the privilege of riding public and private lands.  Membership may be revoked at any time for violation of any of these Rules of Conduct.

1. Ride the TTA trails only. Do not wander from designated trails. Stay on the edge of farmers' fields.

2. Riders MUST WEAR A ASTM/SEI-CERTIFIED HELMET/HARD HAT and proper riding shoes/boots when riding the trails.

3. Membership identification tag must be visible to landowners at all times when riding the trails.  All riders must be members of the TTA.

4. Group riding is limited to a maximum of 6 horses.

5. Respect the rights of property owners whose lands we are permitted to ride. We are guests. When you meet landowners, please introduce yourself and thank them for allowing us to use their land.

6. Do not use any landowner's schooling facilities, jumps, rings, training tracks, playing fields, etc.

7. Be considerate of landowners' privacy. Keep voices down; walk horses on any driveway or trail that passes close to a house or a pasture with livestock.

8. If you must open a gate to pass through, be sure to close it behind you.

9. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult. Parents are responsible for deciding if their children are experienced enough to ride the trails safely and are responsible for the child’s behavior and actions.


Please use your mouse or finger to sign your name.  This will act as your electronic signature.

When you click the submit button, you will then be able to pay via PayPal, or major credit card (via PayPal).

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