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October Members Only Group Ride

The October Members Only Group Ride was a huge success!  Many thanks to our amazing Trail Committee for thier efforts in oprganizing the ride!  Special thanks to Joy and Emmer for not only hosting the ride, but for tackling those trails to make them as safe as possible! Much appreciation to all who participated, and don’t worry if you missed it… another guided member ride just might be around the corner


Equine Science Center

Mission Statement-The Rutgers Equine Science Center is dedicated to better horse care through research
and education to advance the well-being and performance of horses and the equine industry.


Looking for some Winter Fun & Equine Education?

Rutgers Equine Science Center is holding a series of FREE educational on-line seminars this winter!  All are welcome to attend.  The sessions are as follows:

Weds, February 8 6:30-8:30 pm- Nutrition Edition: Supplements

Weds, February 15 6:30-8:30 pm- Nutrition Edition: Nutritionally Related Disorders

Weds, February 22 6:30-8:30 pm- Nutrition Edition: Pasture & Forage

Flyer for all Seminars>>

Thurs, March 16 10 am-5 pm- NJ Equine Summit:  Economic Analysis of Equine Operations: Tips for Reducing Costs for Horse & Horse Farm Owners  Flyer>>


Important Hunting Season Information

Bow Hunting for deer starts here in Zone 8 on Saturday, September 10th. The first week of Bow or Shotgun is a very active time for hunters. Please familiarize yourself with the NJ DEP Hunting regulations for your safety!  

It is recommended that you limit your trail riding on TTA trails to 10am - 2pm and avoid Saturdays if possible- that is the most active day for hunting.  Additional prime hunting time starts everyday 2 hours before sunset.

Please also remember to wear blaze orange on both horse and rider at all times when on the trails.


Kindly be aware that hunting on private land is allowed 7 days a week.  

Here is a link to NJDEP Lands Open or Closed to Sunday Bow Hunting>>


Click Here for a printable version of the Regulations>>


Trail Pace Sponsors


Our deepest appreciation to our gracious and generous sponsors for supporting the Tewksbury Trail Association!


This year's Pace highlights what is so special about our community and how grateful we are to be able to invite others to experience it!

More Sponsors>>

Please consider patronizing our sponsors....together we strive to support local businesses!!!

TTA Trail Clearings


Trail clearing is a great way to learn new trails and meet other members!

  Thanks to TTA Members and our Board for getting off to a great start this season. Follow us on Social Media to stay tuned to upcoming events and our next trail clearing!

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The Tewksbury Trail Association (TTA) is a qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit community organization dedicated to maintaining and preserving open land and the natural beauty of Tewksbury Township. The TTA is committed to cultivating and maintaining ecologically responsible bridle paths for horseback riding and community enjoyment. Through cultivating relationships with neighboring trail associations and local land preservation groups, we hope to foster the traditions of the rural equestrian lifestyle. The TTA is made up of nearly 300 landowners, riders and volunteers who help to identify, clear, and mark trails.    The TTA welcomes all members and supporters with similar interests and commitments; membership is not restricted to Tewksbury residents.

The Ten Mile Trail Project

Conceived by the Tewksbury Land Trust as a means to connect preserved lands and optimize their recreational value, the Ten Mile Trail project was initiated in 2017 with the help of the NJ Conservation Foundation. Since then, the two organizations have worked closely together to make this vision a reality in 2020.


With the acquisition of an additional parcel on Hell Mountain (which we are working closely with the Township on), as well as the construction of the trail on lands through four TLT preserves on Fox Hill, the Ten Mile Trail will soon be a reality. The County is also working with us to create a means to cross 517 that is safe for hikers, and of course, riders. The trail will also pass through existing easements on Hell Mountain, connect with Hell Mountain Preserve, and then link to NJCF’s Hill & Dale Preserve. 


The NJCF, for its part, is working on acquiring a large tract that will allow the trail to connect with the County’s Cold Brook Preserve in Oldwick.  As East meets West, the Tewksbury Land Trust and New Jersey Conservation Foundation will have to find a suitable place to drive in a “golden” spike – our Promontory, Utah -- linking the Ten Mile Trail into a unified network for the benefit of outdoor enthusiasts throughout the township. 




Laurence Ross, President

Tewksbury Land Trust

Box 490 Oldwick, NJ 08858

M: (646) 623-5293 O: (212) 684-9737


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